New Bathroom electroplating black shower set

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Bathroom electroplating black shower set

【Product Details】

Certification: FCC

Is it a general taxpayer: yes

Material: All copper main body faucet/pressurized spray gun

Functions: spray, massage, beauty, temperature control, bubbles, LED light, automatic water supply, rain

Style: New Chinese style

Net weight: 2300 (g)

Type: top spray/hand spray/spray gun/shelf

Product Category: Shower/Shower Set

Installation type: hanging

Custom processing: Yes

Process: high temperature baking paint/electroplating

Working temperature: room temperature

Nominal pressure: 1.8

Main sales areas: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East

Shower shape: round


1. The design style pursues classic luxury, the appearance is dignified and dignified, and matches the temperament of the brand. It is an inevitable choice for people who pursue quality life.

2. Using electroplating technology, the double-layer structure is simple and reliable, and has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust capabilities.

3. The thermostatic valve core does not need to be adjusted repeatedly, saying goodbye to hot and cold.

4. Silicone outlet hole, not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean.


1. When installing the thermostatic shower set, it must be hot on the left and cool on the right, otherwise it will not work.

2. The distance between the water inlet and the ground is recommended to be 90-110cm.

3. Pay attention to the privacy when choosing the location to install the shower. Generally, don’t choose it next to the door or window.

4. This product does not support solar water heaters.

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Bathroom electroplating black shower set

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