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The game is introduced
"Ticket to ride" is a relatively simple railway game, easy to use, but also requires certain strategic.It will take players on a brand new train to start their adventures in Europe
Risk journey.You can travel across Europe from Edinburgh to Constantinople or Lisbon to Moscow.
Of course, different extended versions of the ticket tour will also give players different experience of the game, the game version has added a tunnel, train station, etc.Players also encounter uncertainty in the game
Small obstacles, if their rail plans are targeted by saboteurs, then the task will be difficult to complete, of course, this also increases the fun of the game itself.

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The rules of the game


The ferry:

Ferries are special gray routes located in the sea. These routes can be easily identified from the space marked with locomotive marks in the routes. To announce a ferry route, play

Home must be declared with as many locomotive CARDS as there are locomotive markings on the route.



Pits are special routes that can be distinguished from the special pit marks on the outside of the routes

Declare a tunnel route. When the player declares a tunnel route, the player must first take out the basic train CARDS on the route and then open the three fires on the train deck

Train card. Each of these three CARDS has a train card of the same color as the route (or locomotive card). The player must have an additional train card to declare the route

There is no extra train card to declare this route, the player can take back the previously taken train card and end this turn

A locomotive card is placed in the discard pile. Since locomotive CARDS can represent any color, if there are locomotive CARDS in the three opened CARDS, they must be regarded as following the route

Same color of train card. If have a player to want all to use locomotive card to announce the words of adit, then the player needs to turn over 3 to have locomotive card again only, ability need many locomotive card

If the library is less than three CARDS, you only need to turn over the remaining CARDS to see if you need more than a train card.


Draw route card:

The player can draw a route card during his turn, if he chooses to draw a route card, the player can draw three routes CARDS, and keep at least one route card among the three routes CARDS

The unwanted destination ticket CARDS are placed at the bottom of the library. If the chosen route card has not been dropped during the draw, the card is dropped here

The two cities listed on the route card represent the player's goals, and the player can earn bonus points or points deducted after the game

Cities above the route card are not connected by successive routes. If two cities are successfully connected, the score in the lower right corner of the route card can be added

You need to deduct the points from the route CARDS when you calculate the points. The route CARDS do not need to be shown to other players and players can keep any number of route CARDS.


Set up train stations:

A train station allows players to use a route that allows other players to connect to the city where the train station is built (in short: if you build a train station in Paris, you can use other players

Train stations can only be built in unoccupied cities, even if the city has no declared anything

Players can also build train stations on cities. Each player can only build one train station per round, and three train stations throughout the game

In order to build a second station, you need two railway CARDS of the same color

Can build. The third seat is to be three (of course, the player can use a locomotive card instead) if the player USES the same train station to help themselves to more than one route card to link the route

The player must decide when calculating the score that there is only one route to help their route card link. The train station cannot be used because there are many route CARDS to different routes

Help link. Players do not have to build train stations. Each unbuilt station gives players a bonus of four points at the end of the game.

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Ticket To Ride-The latest

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