0.63* 0.72-inch fat square VVS 16.5-carat transparent noble and elegant mossanite nude diamond

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Mossanite Introduction to the

Mossanite dates back to the late 19th century, and the term comes from Henri Moissan, who discovered the mineral in the Arizona crater in 1904.The morsang stone, also known as carborundum, is so similar in appearance to a natural diamond that it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye and has the closest physical properties to a natural diamond.

At first glance, mo sang and diamond can not be distinguished, even instruments can not distinguish, but a closer look will find mo sang's colorful fire is stronger than the diamond.When tested with a professional instrument, the firelight of mossam is 2.5 times that of a diamond.In the firelight, the diamond is 0.044, the mossam is 0.104;In terms of refraction, the diamond is 2.417 and the mossam is 2.65. Both the flame and refraction of mossam exceed the diamond.In mohs hardness, a diamond is 10 and a mosan is 9.25, much higher than other gemstones.

Cut pattern

1.Eight hearts, eight arrows: eight hearts, eight arrows
Also known as the Cupid's arrow, the 8-heart 8-arrow is currently the most symmetrical and popular cut design.From the top to the bottom of the diamond, you'll find the diamond's size, bright and symmetrical with eight arrows;From the bottom to the top of the diamond, you'll find a perfect symmetry, filled with eight hearts.Eight hearts and eight arrows are symmetrical, like Cupid's arrows.Heart and arrow interweave together, perfect interpretation of unswerving love.With perfect angular proportions, extreme symmetry and perfect specular reflection, it is often described as a magical diamond.

2.H: nine heart is a flower, a flower heart of 9 followed eight heart after eight arrows to the illusion of new type cutting work, nine heart a diamond cutting work and general diamond cutting different is that every part of the diamond crown 37 63 petals, petals total 100 flawless face, compare common diamond 58 surface multi-purpose 15, 17% of the original stone.Under a magnifying glass, looking down from the top of the diamond, you can see that there is a diamond flower in the center of the diamond with nine hearts around it.The whole process of making nine hearts and one flower is done by hand.Its processing technology is rigorous and meticulous, more than one time longer than the ordinary diamond processing time.

3.Ten hearts and ten arrows: the cutting technique of ten hearts and ten arrows is better than that of eight hearts and eight arrows.If you look down from the top of the diamond, you can see ten arrowheads arranged neatly.At the bottom of the diamond, you can see the ten hearts lined up neatly.And according to optical principle can know, the more cut surface of the diamond, the more light it will reflect, and the fire will add more brigh

4.The CUT of 3EX is the diamond's EXCELLENT, POLISH is also EXCELLENT, and SYMMETRY is also EXCELLENT. The combination of the three is 3EX, of course the synthesis of 3EX should be the perfect CUT, and the diamond fire color displayed by it is the best

3 EX cutting
Degree of polishing, symmetry, cutting and grinding
The color of diamond fire is the best

Cutting and grinding of diamonds

Color level
Class I-J: nearly colorless, slightly detectable, slightly yellow, high value (not recommended as main stone)
G-f level: near colorless, slightly off-color and white compared to higher levels, but still very high value
F: colorless, a small amount of color, but only jewelry experts can detect, but still considered colorless, is of high quality mulberry stone
Grade E: colorless.Only gemologists can detect trace amounts of color.Very rare diamond
Grade D: completely colorless, the highest level, extremely rare

Basic forms include: circle, pear, heart, emerald, princess, elliptical cut depth and cut evenly to determine the luminosity of the diamond
GIA cut the diamond into 5 levels, including Excellent/Verg Good/Good/Fair/poor
The diamond cutting we choose can reach EX or VG

Product information

Material: Mossanite

Process: cutting

Class: geometry

Source: artificial

Clarity: VVS

Shape: square

Size: 16.5 carats

After-sales service:

Quality problem: generally refers to the damage of bare drill [scratches, broken edges], etc., which is not the case above and does not belong to the product quality of our company. We support the replacement without reason, but the freight shall be borne by the customer.

Please check carefully after receiving the goods. For the naked diamonds with quality problems, please bring them out within 48 hours, and we will arrange to return and replace the goods for you.

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0.63* 0.72-inch fat square VVS 16.5-carat transparent noble and elegant mossanite nude diamond

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